Challenges with Decontamination & a Disinfectant Fogger

You need to decontaminate your vehicles and facilities (sleeping and hot zones, conference, meeting, and waiting rooms, etc.) and may be considering a disinfectant fogger.

Alternatives Include…

  • Electrostatic Sprayers. Very time-consuming and the spray doesn’t cover everything.
  • UV / Blue Light. Works great, except anything in the shadows is still infected.
  • HVAC Filters. Helps on an ongoing basis, but not when anything is physically brought into the room–like a patient, or anything.
  • Air Ionizer. These are similar to a filter—doesn’t help with anything brought into the room.

disinfectant fogger

Disinfectant Fogger

The only safe option that actually works is a disinfectant fogger. All foggers have the three major benefits.

  1. Permeate everything. They protect over, under, inside, or within cracks—the fog can go everywhere. No missed spots.
  2. Can be automated & faster. Sprayers require you stay in the room, like you don’t have another job? Foggers can be turned on and left alone.
  3. More effective & uniform. The only option that covers every nick and cranny, and is much more consistent (you don’t have to be detailed orientated (won’t miss a spot)—just push the button to activate).

However, all foggers are not the same…

Disinfectant Fogger, decontamination service

Problem with Some Foggers

  • Explosive & Caustic. Unfortunately, some options use a 17,000 volt arc to create the “fog” (can you spell E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N –“that” will clean out the room!). Others use dangerous, toxic chemicals that require a bio-suit and an air-tight seal before applying (seen Andromada Strain?).
  • Too SLOW. They can take forever to totally seal the room—after a complete change of clothes. Or require two treatments or multiple machines since they don’t have a large capacity. They can take twice as long to decontaminate, then about as long to exhaust the room, and remove all the seals. The process bogs you down.

indoor disinfection and Disinfectant Fogger

  • HIGH Ongoing cost. The initial equipment cost may seem competitive, but the ongoing cost of their hiked-up proprietary solutions, and the expense of constantly replacing tapes, masks, and clothing makes them WAY overpriced.

So, how do you find an option that is safe, fast, and affordable? Perhaps you should consider…

Best Solution


  • Founded in 2003 (20 years) by Emergency Physician Dr. Ronald Brown (a Florida Medical Director)
  • Deployed in all 50 states, 6 different countries
  • Clients Include…

Best Solution

There are three main reasons to consider AeroClave

  1. The SAFEST approach
  2. The FASTEST
  3. The MOST Affordable

Let’s consider each of these in detail.

1. The SAFEST approach

Many other fogger alternatives use a 17,000-volt electrical arc to create an ionization or electrostatic mist—which can create a dangerous shock or explosive hazard. Plus they use dangerous, toxic chemicals which require special clothing and procedures. AeroClave produces similar results—without the safety risk.

Disinfectant Fogger machine or bomb

  • Aerosol. AeroClave uses a safe aerosolized decon solution that is about 10,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair; as a result, AeroClave’s’ solution spreads further than manual application and can reach spaces that the human eye cannot see.
  • Non-Toxic. AeroClave uses Vital Oxide that is extremely effective, but is not toxic–so there is no risk or liability to the employee deploying it, or anyone else that may be exposed.
  • No Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Because it uses a safe solution, it does not require special handling or PPE to operate safely–saving the expense (to replenish the mask, special suit, room sealant, gloves, etc.) and the tedious “suit up” time to begin the decon procedure.

  • No Post-Chemical Testing. No highly-trained, certified person, or equipment (i.e., chemical monitors for leakage and post-decon room usage) is required.

Disinfectant fogger for a room


  • Patented Distribution Ports. AeroClave uses patented ports that can be pre-installed, or up-fit by dealers or contractors in Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Buses, and even Rooms. Does not require lifting heavy equipment, small footprint so the unit does not take up a lot of space (don’t have to remove the stretcher to fit the decon equipment—so it all gets treated at once), minimizes employee risk for dangerous exposure, and helps with the speed and consistency of proper decontamination.

  • Programmable Rooms. Depending on the unit, you can pre-program up to 100 rooms or locations, select from a menu, or scan a room bar code, press start, and return when completed. This saves time, ensures consistent decon protocols, and can generate a report validating completion and compliance.
  • Highest Capacity. Unlike alternatives that only handle small spaces without multiple devices or sessions, AeroClave can treat large rooms up to 15,000 cubic feet at once, or locations as small as a 500 cubic foot ambulance.

  • LESS Prep & Clean Up Time. Alternatives us toxic chemicals with a hermetically sealed room (doors, windows, vents, outlets), and a full PPE suit (mask, gloves, and sealants). AeroClave requires no pre/post room or personal preparation, potentially saving you hours each time.
  • LESS Exhaust Time. The application time for a small room or emergency vehicle takes 6 minutes to apply, and 10 minutes to decontaminate. Afterwards, the space can be ventilated by opening the door or window allowing you to resume your normal workday.
  • Quickest to Learn. Staff members can learn how to effectively decontaminate spaces within five minutes. You can also access online video tutorials or get one-on-one support as requested.

3.  The MOST Affordable

Alternatives may seem competitive, until you consider the ongoing cost for proprietary chemicals, the expensive ghost buster outfits, disposable gloves and masks, extra testing equipment to confirm safety, extra labor cost (changing and more steps), or fire-approved chemical storage space.

  • COMPETITIVE Initial Cost. The initial investment for an AeroClave unit is highly competitive. The price advantage is much more evident when you consider the “extra” costs associated with alternative products.

  • LESS Ongoing Expense. Standard Vital Oxide can be used with AeroClave products and, unlike others, it is not proprietary and available competitively through AeroClave or through numerous online marketplaces. This can reduce your cost per ambulance to only $1.60 per treatment; or as little as $6.40 for a 2000 cubic foot patient room.
  • LESS Labor Cost. Time is money, especially since alternatives could take twice the time/money to hermetically seal a room, change to special clothes, monitor the process, then slowly evacuate the room, and run the test to verify it is safe. Versus a few minutes to plug in the unit, select the room from a menu, press start, close the door, turn off the air, and go back to work.

  • LESS Storage Cost. AeroClave uses a safe, non-flammable liquid that does not require special storage facilities or tight temp control to avoid cross-hazard exposure or possible burns. No need to worry about special cool storage so you are not at risk of exploding rooms, toxic fume build-up, or toxic liquid handling. In addition, the units have wheels, making it easy to store in a closet—like a vacuum.
  • NO Doctor Trips. Unlike alternatives, AeroClave cannot produce “electrical arc” or toxic burns, there are no breathing problems, nor does it require hazard insurance and special storage.

Disinfectant Fogger

What’s Holding You Back?

Now that you can see some of the benefits of AeroClave, what’s holding you back?

  • How do we afford this? It is FAR cheaper than the alternatives. The cost is minimal compared to paid sick leave, expensive liability claims, potential union interference, or turnover if staff does not feel safe—for your teams, but also for you. Nothing like a good case of swine flu or Eboli to ruin your week! It’s also less than the cost for security, fire & co alarms, handicap ramps, sprinklers, and liability insurance–already considered standard cost of business.
  • Now that COVID is over, the leadership is not enforcing decon protocols. Do we still need this? COVID only increased awareness of many dangerous airborne illnesses. By maintaining decon protocols, you are ensuring your team will not be exposed to viruses that could make them sick, or dead. Can you spell C.L.O.S.E.D?
  • What if we are understaffed or swamped? Fortunately, AeroClave is the easiest, no hassle, quickest “complete” systems in the industry—taking a fraction of the time of alternatives, with zero deployment risk (and no scary suits). It’s less work than a vacuum–even a cleaning crew can operate.
  • Nobody in our department ever gets sick. So far. Until they do. Congratulations! With AeroClave your department can successfully continue that achievement. Nothing can kill a good week like another round of “Covid10.”
  • What about a battery-operated option? Soon! Fortunately, the units are designed to use minimal power. So a vehicle inverter, can be used, or a simple portable generator, when traditional power is unavailable or unreliable.


Your OLD or “alternate” Life

You picked up “another” fogger—and then all Hade’s broke loose!

On first use, you noticed the label warning about the 17,000 volt arc to ionize the fog. That could burn—or what about a natural gas kitchen, working near a gas or propane tank… can you spell E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N?

And then you spent 30 minutes crawling into a pricey bio suite, with gloves, taped ends, and a fully sealed face respirator hoping to survive the TOXIC chemicals. And you spent way too much time hermetically sealing the room: taping the vents, the outlets, the windows and doors, and putting out the “do not enter” warning signs.

Imagine the puzzled look on your employees’ and customers’ faces—“What happened in there?” And then you have the clean up, de-taping, and change back to your civies. And finally, there is the shocking monthly bill (tape, masks, clothing, proprietary chemicals).

This is crazy town!!

Your NEW Life…

This time you picked up AeroClave. No toxic chemicals, no 17,000 volts—no risk. No scary or expensive hazmat suit. Don’t have to hermetically seal the room. It’s much simpler.

Stay in your civies, and roll the unit into the room. Turn off the air conditioner. Press the menu (each room can be pre-configured). Walk out, close the door and go about your normal job. Return 30 minutes later. Open the door. Done.

All clean. Life is good!

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