New Year Partner Newsletter

Happy New Year!

As we step into 2024, I hope your journey through January has been great so far. Following is the latest news…

What’s new in the Partner Portal

For those who haven’t yet explored, please visit the Deal Registration page. If you register your deals you get extra margin, plus we know who you are working with, won’t compete, but instead, we can help you with the quote and close.

Partner Spotlight

This month, I’m thrilled to spotlight Hunter Apparatus. Check out his new website with the fancy AeroClave landing page (

If you type “Disinfectant Fogger Miami” in Google or any of the major search engines, it is listed in the #1 pole position (and has been for over a month). He followed the exact instructions. He has the best possibility of getting leads in all of Miami. See the Landing Page instructions HERE (will log into the portal) to get similar results (the portal SEO is perfect–works every time).

We also worked with him at the 2024 Florida Fire Conference. Check out the Marketing Development Funds (MDF) form under Marketing to submit ideas of how we can work together. To the right is a photo of our joint booth space.

Stay Connected

Any feedback and suggestions are crucial to our mutual success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any ideas, questions, or feedback.

Talk soon – Brandon





Brandon Zayhowski
Channel Partner Manager